We have added a significant number of new features in version 9.0. These are summarised below where we have described the key new features in each area.

User Interface

The navigation around the site has been updated and improved. This makes it easier to find each individual section. The main updates to navigation and the userInterface are:

  • We have adopted the latest version of Twitter bootstrap, this is a framework that is becoming widely used to standardise the experience of modern websites
  • A new menu style has been introduced to simplify navigation. This supports smaller screens and works well on tablets
  • We have split the Sustainability Profile, Conflict Minerals and Bespoke Forms into 3 separate functional menu areas making it easier to navigate
  • All lists have been standardised with a similar sort, filter and print functionality including standard icons
  • Help sections have been added to many areas to improve user experience.


The public profile page has been updated. The new features to the public profile are:

  • The public profile has been reformatted and simplified; a new quick link has been added to the headers to navigate to the public view
  • A new icon has been added to headers to make it easier to switch between profiles
  • Carbon, Energy, Waste and Water now have individual sections viewable in a carousel
  • Additional links icons have been updated
  • A new icon has been added to headers to make it easier to switch between profiles
  • Permissions can now be set in the relevant functional area, making it easier to find.

Sustainability Profile

A new interface and navigation, with sections split into more easily navigable tabs and clearly defined sections. The main features are:

  • Conflict Minerals and bespoke forms have been moved to their own sections simplifying the sustainability profile and allowing easier access to Conflict Minerals
  • The profile pages have been regrouped into four main sections: Setup, Profile, Environment and Social & Governance
  • A new tab has been added that lists clients who are linked to the profile and are requesting certain information, all of which can be viewed in this one section.


The Conflict Minerals and bespoke client forms have been moved from the Sustainability Profile section into their own distinct areas, to improve navigation and access to these areas. The other main features are:

  • The form navigation has been upgraded to match the rest of the site
  • Form security has been moved to the new form area
  • New Interface for forms
  • Forms are easier to navigate once begun.

Conflict Minerals

New Conflict Minerals section for both supplier and customer views. The main features are:

  • The form input screen has been simplified
  • Security and downloaded EICC forms can be accessed from the new conflict minerals area
  • Ability to view and edit which clients access the Conflict Minerals form within the Conflict Minerals section
  • New profiles can be added straight from the Conflict Minerals section to allow uploading of additional forms and profiles.

Supply Chain

Various options have been added to allow managers to access a sub set of the supply chain:

  • A user can be linked to a supplier
  • A user can be restricted to only view a subset of the supply chain
  • A new view can be configured to limit options.

This new view will help procurement and relationship managers easily access the information they require.


We have updated many of our pages, including the homepage, products and services, pricing and contact. The main features include:

  • The sales and marketing pages have been updated and expanded
  • The web site has been restyled including colours, fonts and graphics
  • New links to media pages, articles and video relating to Ecodesk
  • New Benefits section plus updated pricing
  • New benefits and product definition pages, including revised pricing matrix.